We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Remedies

The best medicine comes from natural sources…we made a decision to only use natural ingredients…just like our ancestors used. Great remedies of our culture never contain synthetic materials or chemicals.

Our Family is Our Company

Our culture has been producing products for centuries! We just never sold them! CreoleCure is our outlet to serve natural remedies to the World.

Going completely all-natural is hard work but you deserve it! We formulate all of our products in house and do not outsource anything! We have spent countless decades growing farms of plants to supply our families with healthy remedies for years to come.

WE grow our own plants to extract our oils, tinctures and more!

Our families use the products we make. We want to share our culture with you!

CreoleCure is dedicated to fighting for your health! Sometimes the best things in life are the most basic things. We value modern science but we also value our knock-out remedies!

You and your family will enjoy relief and we will be so happy when you do!

Our Team

Honestly, we have great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers who make up our product development team. We wanted to capture all of the great remedies of the culture and ensure they remain intact. We also have dedicated farmers who harvest our supply of medicinal plants. They also supply our families with food!


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